Safeguarding facilities with the assistance of a specially trained K9 dog

The name of the company is not accidental. The K9 are the Specialized Dogs of the Armed Forces and we had the idea to innovate using specially trained dogs from our breeds for this purpose.

At this point we remain unconvinced as this idea is not an easy affair and does not fit sketchiness. The long training time of the dog along with the specific trainers of the dogs is a difficult task requiring love for work and patience and a lot of preparation time. Our experienced staff will provide you with excellent security services and the level can go up many steps if you desire the excellent skills of a trained dog. The dog is said to be man’s best friend and we look forward to becoming your best security partner.

Patrol & Emergency Intervention

K9 Security gives its customers the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate night-time security through the Physical Patrol and Instant Intervention service.

During the night, the guardians patrol, checking every spot on the site, conducting regular on-site inspections around the area, while immediately intervening in the event of a 24-hour Alert Receipt Center warning of a potential breach.

Static Guard Service

The highest security of our customers is completed with the Static Guard service of their space.

With this service, there is complete and constant control of all guarded areas of every guardian’s responsibility, not only in cases of threat, but also for the ongoing evaluation of existing space protection tools such as security systems, entrances and fences.

Important Persons Protection

The Security Staff protects the Customer from threats and dangers, protects the “privacy” of their meetings, selects alternative routes, plans visits and events, ensuring personal and family peace.